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This is a significant achievement that deserves widespread application and use

Paul W. Barnett

The Spoken word

If you are searching for an authentic, uncluttered and captivating translation of the original Gospel manuscripts - you have found it.

"The Gospels for Hearers" is a new translation that is raw and authentic, stripping away the baggage of tradition and dogma and revealing far more of the urgency, passion and earthy humanity of the original texts.

This is, very simply, the words and stories of Jesus, delivered with honesty, courage and passion. It is both academically sound and emotionally engaging. There is no paraphrasing and no filtering for political correctness.

Translated for the spoken word, as the Gospels were originally written, the readings are intrinsically compelling. While the material may seem familiar, you will often hear, or discover something quite new.

The Gospels for Hearers has been embraced by scholars of international standing, Church leaders and Christians from across the Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions.

Wesley Church Melbourne is using ‘The Gospel for Hearers’ in our worship services this year. It was a special pleasure to have Elizabeth and Bill read the Gospel of Mark straight through... The liveliness of the translation and their reading of it; and hearing the gospel as a unified whole was a gift to us.

Rev Alistair Macrae
minister at wesley church, melbourne

The Gospels for Hearers is published by Dianggellia Press

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